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Toronto, Ontario, June 30, 2006 -- Sandy Roads today announced the availability of a new major release of its flagship product, WiFi Hopper version 1.2. WiFi Hopper is a feature-rich combination of a site survey, network discovery and a connection manager application.

WiFi Hopper detects and displays details of wireless networks suitable for characterization, troubleshooting, auditing and testing of wireless platforms. It features a built-in, significantly more transparent connection manager, with complete network profile support and automated association. Other features include Global Positioning Service (GPS) device support, Received Signal Strength (RSSI) graphing and network filters.

A fully functional 15 day trial version of WiFi Hopper can be downloaded from http://wifihopper.com.

Sandy Roads is a privately owned software development group focusing on Wireless LAN and related technologies.

Our mission is to design applications suitable for professionals involved in deployment, administration and troubleshooting of personal and enterprise wireless networks.

Contact Information

Email: sales@wifihopper.com

Divya Thakur,
1908-3700 Kaneff Crescent,
Mississauga, Ontario, L5A 4B8