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WiFi Hopper 1.2 User Manual

Hopping Between Networks

WiFi Hopper supports a special operational mode called 'Network Hopping' in which the application will attempt to automatically connect to any available unsecured networks and optionally, pre-configured networks within range.


Every network that is detected is assigned a 'score' between 0 and 100 which is used to determine its attractiveness.

The current score is based on an average of previous RSSI values and whether the network is in Infrastructure or Ad-Hoc mode. Networks with higher average signal strengths get a higher score and networks in Infrastructure mode get double the score compared to Ad-Hoc networks.

The score for a network can be viewed by enabling the Score column by either:

Note that only unsecured networks are assigned a score greater than zero. WEP, WPA or WPA2 based networks always have a score of zero unless they are:

Suitable for Hopping

In addition to the automatic calculations, networks can be manually excluded from hopping by either:

Additionally, if a connection attempt to a network fails, the network is automatically marked as being unsuitable for hopping.

Network Hopping

The Network Hopping mode can be enabled by selecting Mode > Network Hopping from the Menu. Note that it is advisable to reduce the Media Status Notification Timeout and DHCP Address Acquisition Timeout when using Network Hopping.

Table of Contents
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