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WiFi Hopper 1.2 User Manual

Options Window

Soft Refresh Interval

Decides how often WiFi Hopper asks the driver of the wireless device for the list of detected networks.

Hard Refresh Interval

Decides how often WiFi Hopper instructs the driver of the wireless device to scan for networks.

Remove Undetected Stations

Remove Access Points which haven't been seen in a while from the Network List.

Interval For Removing

How long to wait before removing Access Points from the list.

Remove From Memory

When selected, networks that are not detected for a while are completely removed. They can no longer be saved to a file.

Maximum RSSI values per BSSID

Number of RSSI values to remember for each network. This is used for graphing RSSI values.

Device Information Refresh Interval

Determines how often the information shown in the Device Information Window is updated.

Hopping State Machine Interval

Determines how quickly the hopping feature reacts to network changes.

Not Detected Interval

How many Hits to wait before marking a network as being out of range.

Network Coloring

Color Network List based on encryption or signal strength.

Table Coloring Setup

If encryption is selected, network background color is based on the type of encryption. If signal strength is selected, the network background is based on the network's signal strength.

Color for Open Networks

Background color for unsecured networks.

Color for WEP Networks

Background color for WEP networks.

Color for WPA Networks

Background color for WPA networks.

Color for WPA2 Networks

Background color for WPA2 networks.

Undetected AP Text

Text color for undetected networks.

Color for Signal Strength

Color used for the network with the highest signal strength.

Color Connected Network

Color the network to which the wireless device is connected with a different color than the rest of the networks.

Color for Connected Network

Color to use for coloring the network to which the wireless device is connected.

Custom Font for Networks

Use a custom font to display the Network List.

Network List Font

Font to use when displaying the Network List.

Signal Strength Units

Selects between dBm and percentages when displaying RSSI values.

Show Table Grid Lines

Show Grid Lines on the Network List.

Sound Events Enabled

Play sounds when certain events happen. The sounds are played from user defined files. Some files are included by default.

New Network Found

Sound to play when a new network is found.

Connected to Network

Sound to play when connected to a network.

Disconnected from Network

Sound to play when disconnected from a network.

Connection Problem

Sound to play when there is a problem connecting to a network.

Execution Events Enabled

Run programs when certain events happen.

New Network Found

Program to run when a new network is found.

Connected to Network

Program to run when connected to a network.

Disconnected from Network

Program to run when disconnected from a network.

Connection Problem

Program to run when there is a problem connecting to a network.

EAPOL Negotiation Timeout

Amount of time before giving up EAPOL Negotiation during WPA authentication.

Set BSSID Before Connecting

Instruct the wireless device to use the specifically selected BSSID when connecting to an SSID.

Use Disassociate For Disconnecting

Use Disassociate OID when disconnecting. Works incorrectly on most wireless devices.

Use Shared Mode Authentication

Instructs WiFi Hopper to use Shared Mode Authentication instead of Open Mode Authentication when connecting to WEP based wireless networks.

Media Status Notification Timeout

Amount of time to wait for the wireless device to indicate the network media as connected before giving up.

DHCP Address Acquisition Timeout

Amount of time to wait for the interface to receive an IP address before giving up.

Do Not Prompt For Known Keys

Skip the Network Authentication Window when connecting to networks with known keys.

Enable Hopping to saved Network Profiles

When in Network Hopping mode, connect to an available network which matches a saved Network Profile.

GPS Data Format

Format of the GPS data generated by the GPS device.

COM Port

COM Port used to connect to the GPS device.

Baud Rate

Baud rate for connecting to the serial GPS device.

Data Bits

Data bits used on the COM Port for the GPS device.


Parity on the COM Port used for GPS.

Stop Bits

Stop bits used for the COM Port for GPS.


Handshaking on the COM Port used for the GPS device.

Angle Format

Angle format used for displaying GPS data.

Auto Connect On Startup

Automatically connect to the selected COM port to begin receiving GPS data on application startup.

Auto Save Interval

How often should WiFi Hopper save the results when in Auto Save mode.

Prompt To Save On Exit

If no file is open, ask to save the network scan results on exit.

Save Open File On Exit

Automatically save if a file is open, when exiting. You will no longer be prompted if you want to save changes.

Auto Start on Login

Automatically start WiFi Hopper after login.

Stop WZCSVC On Start

Stop Windows Zero Configuration or equivalent Windows wireless client when WiFi Hopper starts.

Use NDIS IOCTL For Queries

Bypass WiFi Hopper Protocol Driver when performing queries on the wireless device.

Auto Sent Feedback

Automatically send feedback about card compatibility to WiFi Hopper website.

Do Not Disrupt Connections On Load

If the wireless device connected to a network, try to prevent disconnecting on startup.

Minimize On Close

Minimize the application when the close button is clicked.

Remember Application Placement

Remember the size and position of the application between launches. Note that changes in display resolution may cause the application window to become larger than the screen size.

Remember Application Mode

Restore the application scanning mode across multiple application launches.

File Logging Enabled

Determines if we should log program activities to a file. This option slows down WiFi Hopper and should normally not be enabled.

File Log Limit

Maximum number of lines in the file log.

Table of Contents
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